Friday, 28 October 2016

Back on the road

It's Halloween and it's half term. That must mean it's time for Scarefest at Gilwell Park.

After loading the buses (loaned by Ysgol Y Deri again. Thanks guys) up, we hit the road. The plan was to get to Gilwell before the M25 got silly. It almost worked. Delays around Bristol and Swindon set us back quite a bit so we did get caught in the beginning of the rush hour build up on the M25.

Now it became a race. Could we get the tents up before it got dark?

Just about. The light was just running out as the last peg went in.

Dinner was an excellent Bolognese pre-prepared by chef Martin, then off to the evening activities.

Dodgems, Fire Circus, Scout Radio, cinema and the traditional Scout pastime - buying popcorn and donuts.

There's something like 600 Scouts on site so there's not much chance of it going quiet soon.

Hopefully they won't be too tired for a full day of activities tomorrow.

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