Saturday, 29 October 2016

Scarefest 2016

Well it's the end of the day (actually the start of the next one) and, although there are a few more activities tomorrow, it's pretty much the end of the camp.

Saturday got off to what is by camp standards a decadently late start. It was 8:30 before everyone was up and heading for breakfast.

The on site catering was excellent as usual and stoked us all up for a day of activities.

The day's activities, before and after lunch, included Crate Stacking, Caving,  Grass Sledging, Rodeo Bull Riding, Laser Tag, Archery, Caving, Total Wipeout and Fairground Rides. Everyone had their favourite and some Scouts managed to get 10 or more rides on the Cage.

Before dinner, we met back at the campsite to change into our Halloween costumes for a group photo then, with darkness falling, the camp really came to life.

Most of the activities were still running with the added excitement of the dark on some and spooky lighting on others. There were also a range of scary mazes now open for Scouts to really get into the spirit of things.

At the end was the spectacular finale, an amazing display of Fireworks, music and laser lights before heading back to our campsite for bed.

It's been a long, but very enjoyable day but, before they went off to their tents, the Scouts had time to write down their thoughts on the day.

Isaac: I enjoyed the three mazes and all of the activities.

John: I enjoyed the firework display that lasted 15 minutes and the cage.

James: I enjoyed the fireworks and all the mazes because the fireworks were well timed and the mazes adrenaline flowing. I also liked the radio. Watch our broadcast at

Matthew: I liked the cage

Aiden: I enjoyed the the fireworks display as it was not only amazing but also in time to the music.

Dan: I enjoyed the firework display and all three mazes. The leaders were great for making this happen.

Evie: I enjoyed the fireworks and the laser tag

Lewis: I enjoyed the firework display and the mazes.

Ellie: I enjoyed skipping through the creepy mazes.  I hated all the stupid boys.

A few had snuck off to bed without leaving their feedback but we'll get them tomorrow and include it in the final camp blog.

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