Sunday, 30 October 2016

Scarefest 2016: Closing thoughts

Well, that's another excellent Scarefest done. Thanks to the Scarefest UK team at Gilwell for a fantastic event.

Despite being given the option to take advantage of the extra hour in bed with the clocks going back, most of the Scouts were up early packing their bags before breakfast.

Once it became obvious that the mist really was mist, not just excess smoke from last night's fireworks, we decided to delay taking the tents down in the hope that the mist would clear and the tents would dry out a bit.

This gave the Scouts another 2 hours to enjoy some more activities. It also gave the few who went to bed early last night to write up their thoughts on the weekend.

Thomas: I enjoyed all the mazes. All of them were very scary. The favourite maze was the Escape. All of them were very cool. If we go next year, I would really want to go.

Joseph: All the mazes are really good. The scariest of them all for me was the Escape. Someone got so scared he had to leave halfway through.

Dylan: I enjoyed the fireworks, they were outstanding! At the end there was an explosion and you could feel the heat hit your face.

Sion: I enjoyed the fireworks and the scary mazes. My favourite maze was the Factory. I want to go next year.

Having given up on getting tents dry, we packed up and headed home. A nice easy run around the M25 and M4 took a full 90 minutes less than the trip up on Friday.

Then it was all hands on deck to empty the buses and hang the damp tents out to dry.

We're not sure what the cubs had planned for their next meeting but it looks as if they'll be learning how to fold tents now instead ;-)

A fantastic end to our camping season. Loads of fun and a great first camp for the guys who joined us this term.

Got to check the dates for next year to make sure they fit the holidays but we'll definitely be back if we can.

We'll have plenty of activities going on over the winter, but this camping blog is going into hibernation for the winter.

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