Friday, 30 June 2017

Nord17 Day1 - The Longest Day.

What a day. We've been travelling since 0530 bst. 20 hours on the move.
We've had a little minor wazzockry but no serious mishaps.

After a nice early start, we made our way to Heathrow and on to Stavanger where we were met by the ever helpful leaders from Madla Speidergruppe. Our bags safely stowed, we had a leisurely stroll to Solva Beach where dinner was served. After a few hours playing on the beach, we made our way back to check in for the onward flight to Bodø (pronounced Booduh apparently).
The sun was just thinking of setting in Stavanger as we set off but we soon caught it up and were treated to a fine view of the midnight sun over the Lofotens as we came in to land. Our bags were ferried for us and we had a gentle 3k walk to camp.
Unfortunately, the registration team had gone to bed so it took a little while to work out where we should be but we arrived at our site to find that the Madla advance party already had our tents up.

Time for a few hours well earned sleep before the camp starts for real tomorrow.

Hopefully, when they've had some sleep, we'll be getting a few Scouts to contribute to the blog this time!

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