Saturday, 1 July 2017

Nord 2017 - day 2. Land of the midnight rain

After yesterday's marathon, we treated ourselves to a bit of a lie in, getting up at the decadent hour of 9am.
Today has been about making our campsite somewhere we can live for a week, mainly by building ourselves a kitchen and dining area. There's been a bit of exploration of the site (or at least the shops and cafes). After dinner, we made our way to the main stage area for the opening ceremony.
A spectacular start saw the camp mascot being lowered onto the campsite from a Coastguard helicopter followed by a fly past by 2 jet fighters of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.
Unfortunately, the rest of the ceremony didn't live up to it and people seemed glad that the threat of rain allowed them to drift away.
The Scouts spent the rest of the evening exploring while the leaders enjoyed a coffee (yes. Really. It's a dry camp) with our hosts from Madla.
After a surprisingly hot day, it's now cooled down and started to rain. The forecast is for a damp morning but drying up in time for the camp to start for real after lunch.

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