Monday, 3 July 2017

Nord 2017 . Day 3

Day three and the first full day of activities.

After a decadently late camp breakfast (9am is nearly lunch time) we finished off our campsite while the Patrol Leaders had their briefing. They'll be very much in charge of their teams this week as they work on different activities around the site. We've got 6 patrol leaders in 3 patrols so there's a bit of cooperative management going on.

With the campsite all finished and tidy, lunch was followed by the afternoon's activities.

Our 3 patrols were doing model boat building, stone age axes, and popcorn making.

It looks as if the teamwork needs some refining.

The boat builders managed to make a log. The axe makers produced a stick while the the popcorn chefs produced caramelized charcoal.

All came back to the site for a lovely meal of pan fried pork chops before heading out to the main square to mingle and meet other Scouts.

Bed time has been set at 2300 for most of the Scouts and midnight for those over 13. Everyone managed to get in with seconds to spare on the curfew!

Tomorrow's activity is the overnight hike. I hate to think what time they'll sleep!

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