Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rachels Blog. Norway Day 3

Day 3 
In the morning I woke up to Ellie poking my head and the leaders shouting at everyone to wake up. Ahh, a scouts beautiful morning! At breakfast we had the dreaded sandwiches, seriously I should be making a blog about what I put in my sandwiches since I have had so many of them! It was raining outside which was great since it stopped getting me homesick because it was exactly like our home weather.
Next I needed to prepare for the big hike with my patrol the ospreys, so we got out our map and started planning the hike whilst getting told off about not bringing the survival bag(accidents happen). Next we got our bags out and prepared for the hike. I brought my clothes, a bladder and my sleeping equipment with took me around forty-five minutes, oh the pain!

Next we had lunch, and as you probably had guessed we had sandwiches, again.
After dinner I was still hungry so I went to the little store to buy some crisps and a drink, and just when I was about to sit down a young girl around 10 asked me to sign my name in the girl with the same eye colour as you box on her sheet. We ended up talking for a bit, mainly about Wales, before we left. 
I soon saw some more of my scout group in jumbo burger and we sat down on the big table and talked and shared nachos and my packet of crisps. We had to have some sort of food anyway since in 1 hour we would be on the hike getting rained upon by the clouds. After that we walked up to our camp then on to the buses then on the hike. 
The hike to the camp was absolutely amazing. The scenery was beautiful, we were walking by a river with waterfalls and pretty rocks. Since we were walking up high there were beautiful landscapes. Along the way one of us might have fallen in a ditch but apart from that and a dead bird it was a really nice walk. 
Next when we finally got to the came site(sorta) we needed to make shelter, so we got the tarpaulin and poles, then we put the shelter up after a few failed tries. Oh, and not to forget it was tipping it down💧💧 
Next we needed to eat so we got our our cool freeze dried food and after a few tries we got the kettle to boil and got our food sorted. After that we got out our sleeping bag and well, slept.
Until tomorrow,

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