Friday, 7 July 2017

Nord2017 Day 8

That's it. The last day of camp, if not our trip.
Today was market day. The idea is that each group does something to showcase their country or region. The Scouts are given camp "currency" to spend on the various stalls. Its a great way for them to meet and interact with other Scouts.
We chose to make and sell fresh Welshcakes which proved so popular that we had to send out for more supplies.
Once the market closed it was time for a quick dinner (pan fried reindeer) before heading to the main stage for the closing ceremony.
This time, the technical errors had been sorted and we had English subtitles. There was a real party atmosphere.
With the camp officially closed its time to pack up. The Norwegians don't waste any time. Massive pioneering structures come down in minutes and the campsite is rapidly emptying as local groups and those with early morning flights start to head off.
We're flying later in the morning but the logistics mean we'll be getting up at 5am.
Tomorrow night  will be the first time we've seen a sunset since leaving Cowbridge!

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