Monday, 10 July 2017

Nord 2017. Day 11. Stavanger

Well, there it was, gone. The last real day of the trip as tomorrow is all about travelling; although it, hopefully, won't be anything like as long as day 1.

This was our Stavanger day, so after a reasonably late start (although wazzock points were awarded to the Scout who forgot to change their alarm from yesterday and woke half the troop up at 6:45) we caught the bus into town to see the Oil Museum.

Our hosts had worked their magic so we were expected. A separate, secure, cloakroom had been organised, as had a 50% Group Discount.

The museum was fascinating. There was loads of hands on stuff including escape simulations. Lunchtime almost came too soon for some.

After eating our sandwiches on the harbour side, the troop split into pre-arranged small groups to explore the town and shop for gifts and souvenirs.

The Scouts all managed to find their way back to the meeting point at the right time, although one group did wait patiently on the opposite side of the cathedral to everyone else for a while.

Back at the Scout House, packing was started while dinner was being prepared.

Madla's group scout leader, Tor Inge, was invited to dinner to say thanks for all their help and hospitality.

After dinner, it was secret ballot time. The Scouts were asked to vote for their Scout of the camp. Often, this is a close vote but, on this occasion there was no need for a recount as one Scout received over 50% of the vote.

This prize, along with the Leaders choice for Scout of the camp were presented before film night began. We managed to rig up a connection from a phone to the Scout House projector to show a film as a last night treat before bed.

Everyone is mostly packed now with just the sleeping bags left to go in so it'll be breakfast, clean up and off to the airport in the morning.

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