Thursday, 6 July 2017

Nord2017 Day 7

Today was a bit different.
For the first time this week, the Scouts had scheduled activities in the morning so had to be up on time.
With breakfast out of the way, the Scouts set off while the leaders got on with their own tasks.
Most of the leaders spent the morning hunting down badge swaps for Tor Inge, one of our Norwegian hosts.
The remaining two set off to walk into Bodø, stopping at the Finnish Sauna on the way to book the Scouts in for later.
Shopping, admin and sauna dealt with, we had lunch then all headed back down to Bodø to spend the afternoon in the fascinating aviation museum.
After getting caught in a particularly heavy shower on the way back to camp we dried off and ate before the older scouts set off into town again. This was a trip to the cinema organised by the camp management for Patrol Leaders and assistants.
The remaining Scouts in our troop were treated to hot waffles before having a couple of hours free time to enjoy before the PL's returned.
It's all quiet on camp now as everyone recharges ready for the last full day.

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