Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rachels Blog. Norway Day 1

Day 1

Yay we are now at the camp after a day of traveling. it's an amazing place, so many people, they have a cafe and a market place.

The leaders forgot to order breakfast so we had rations and leftovers from the Stavanger scout group, it was sandwiches.

We needed to make a table to cook on, we worked hard into mid-day getting 3 metre long logs into the camp from 100meters away uhhh. We got sap all over our clothes and the logs were soooo heavy it took 3 people to carry them. After that we took three hours to put together a flag pole and table.

Finally we had lunch, sandwiches again, then we took of to explore the camp. There are so many places, there are cafes and shops and a stage.

At dinner time it was my time to cook, we made Mexican tortillas. It was fun and messy, we ate it quickly and then went to the main stage where the opening ceremony began.

At the start a bird jumped off a helicopter by a cord and two fighter planes flew above us. I can not tell you too much about it since there was not a word of English spoken, but there was a load of great bands playing for us.

At ten o clock I went to bed and/or lost my charger, sorry.

All in all it was a great day, can't wait till tomorrow.

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