Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Nord 17 - Day 6

With last night's activities going on til 2am there was a real lie in today. The Scouts were woken for breakfast at 10am and then had a few hours free time before the days activities started at 2:30pm.

Some of the leaders took advantage of the free time to visit the Sauna run by the Finnish contingent. It's a genuine wood fired tent sauna set up in the woods with a nice pool nearby fed by a seriously cold arctic stream for an invigorating plunge.

Activities this afternoon included making popcorn and learning about Viking history. While one patrol took their turn cooking dinner, the others carried on getting to know other Scouts, mainly using the international language of football. After dinner, more activities including first aid training, drama and making a distillery to get drinking water from sea water.

On returning from activities we joined out hosts, Madla Speidergruppe around their campfire, sharing songs in 3 languages, Norwegian, English and Welsh.

Tomorrow is the last day of activities as Friday is market day where each group gets to show off something off their culture. We're planning to make Welsh Cakes.

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