Sunday, 9 July 2017

Nord 2017. Day 10. Priekestollen

After yesterday's showers and a proper nights sleep with the lights off everyone was up and raring to go for today's hike.
Just getting there was an adventure. The buses are all cashless so the leaders have had to download a phone app to use as a cashless bus ticket.
Then there's the fun and games of trying to work out where to get off to change buses.
At least we got to see some bits of Stavanger as we walked the extra distance from the wrong bus stop!
A short ferry ride across the fjord was followed by another bus ride to the start of the hike. The hike was about 4km with 350m of climbing to the Priekestollen or Pulpit Rock. A slab of granite sticking out over 600m above the fjord.
Even though it rained nearly all the way there and back, the Scouts all enjoyed the hike and the awesome mountain scenery.
We were joined on the hike by one of the  Madla leaders, Trygve, who knows the area very well.
After a photo opportunity on the Pulpit Rock and a quick lunch it was back the way we'd come, all the way back to the Scout House where Dave had a fire going and hot Lapskaus waiting on the stove.

After dinner we had some discussion time as a whole troop, talking about the camp and getting feedback to help plan the next one.

Tomorrow we're going to be exploring Stavanger itself before we pack up to head home on Tuesday (just in time for Scouts)

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