Saturday, 8 July 2017

Nord 2017. Day 9. The journey south.

After a very short night it's been another long day.

With groups packing up and leaving site for the airport all through the night, not a lot of sleep happened before our alarms went off at 5am.

There was a bit of a rush to get everyone packed up. Thankfully, Madla Speidergruppe are staying another day so will take care of the tents etc.

All of our rucksacks were packed and dropped at the collection point before we headed back to site for breakfast.

With breakfast out of the way and all the goodbyes done, we set off to walk down to the airport, just under an hour away. Most bought a second breakfast as we waited to board then slept through the flight.

We were met at the airport by more of Madla's leaders who drove us back to their Scout HQ.

After a quick change, a short walk to a local school was met with a surprising amount of enthusiasm. The caretaker had arranged for us to have access to the showers - The first opportunity for some since leaving home 8 days ago.

Dinner was a substantial Spag Bol and was worked around a quiz night, which was a remarkably close fought competition.

The sun has finally set now we've moved south a bit so it's actually dark for the first time since we left Cowbridge.

We're counting on a proper nights sleep before we head off for a sightseeing hike in the mountains tomorrow.

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