Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rachels Blog. Norway Day 4

Day 4
In the morning I was awoken by the boys shouting to each other and a few minutes later they poured water on me to make sure I was awake?!  Anyway, I got up and packed my bag and even though I was not technically in the campsite you know what I had for breakfast?...Sandwiches! Next I went to the beautiful stream to fill up my water bladder and then we took down our tarpaulin and left, simple as that.
Next we went on the hour long hike back to camp which was ok. I mean we saw really cute sheep and some more awesome landscapes, but all in all it was the same hike I did on the way there but the opposite way round. Although I might have fallen into a stream, maybe. 
Next we waited in the car park for 2 hours and I met this nice rover who gave me a stroop waffle (she was from the Netherlands), and when it finally came, some people had to get out of the bus because there were not enough seats.
Next when we were back, we went to the shops or the market and watched somebody beatbox? It was good, and after we rested for a bit before the midnight activity.
In the midnight activity we did our land art. A sheep made with flowers and dirt, it took us five hours.
Next in the night some of us had a jacket potato. It was tasty! Then I went to bed,
Until next time
Ps I also collected a ton of cool badges

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