Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nord 2017 - Day 5

Well that was an interesting day!

With none of our Scouts on site, the leaders were treated to a lie in followed by a leisurely breakfast and even had time for a visit to the leaders only shower block. There was an apology earlier in the week for the delay getting the showers working. They were definitely worth the wait.

The rest of the morning was spent exploring the campsite and visiting other groups.

We'd not long had lunch and were waiting for the first group of hikers to return when the phone rang. One of our Scouts had fainted on the hike. Of course, it turned out to be a simple case of not eating or sleeping properly causing an energy crash but it certainly created a stir.

All three groups came back in due course, tired but happy and with a justified sense of achievement. How many other kids this age can say they've wild camped inside the arctic circle?

With everyone rested and fed, it was time to head out again for some midnight activities before tucking into a supper of fire cooked jacket potatoes.

Not a lot of encouraging was needed to get the Scouts off to bed tonight!

We'll be letting them lie in a bit in the morning. I think they've earned it.

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