Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nord 17. Day 12. The End

Well that's it for now. The end of our trip of a lifetime.
A relatively early start this morning meant that we were all fed and packed with plenty of time to spare.
We had planned to take a walk to see the Swords in the Fell, a local historic landmark, but were forced indoors by the weather. Instead, we spent a couple of hours on some fun teambuilding games.
After lunch,  our lifts arrived and we were driven to the airport.
Many wazzock points were earned when one Scout managed to lose a passport in the 20 minutes between leaving the Scout House and checking in at the airport.
We were within minutes of implementing emergency protocols at a potential cost of £5k to the parents, when a phonecall was received to confirm that the passport was safe and well in the footwell of one of the cars and was on its way to us.
The rest of the trip passed without incident and we arrived back at Cowbridge where our reception party was waiting.

All in all a fantastic camp.
There are comments from the Scouts which will be added in due course.

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