Friday, 18 August 2017

Parc Le Breos - Day One

Welcome to 1st Cowbridge summer camp part two.
We're a little closer to home this time,  on the Gower peninsula.
So far it's been pretty laid back. The Scouts, when we held a planning meeting, asked for a "back to basics" camp so that's what we've got. It's over a quarter of a mile from our site to the toilet block so we're using Elsan toilets on site - a first for this group in this millennium I think.
After arriving and unloading, our 2 patrols made short work of pitching the site before being sent out to find wood. Not many of them have cooked a meal over an open fire before so it was quite an eye opener how much wood you need to cook a meal for 13 people. With dinner cooked and eaten, we made our way over to the neighbouring site where we'd been invited to join in the camp fire to find that they were still running a wide game. Our Scouts lost no time in showing their expertise at "capture the flag" before we headed back to the camp fire for some cake and a sing song with new friends.

We'll be up nice and early to get ready for a hike taking in some spectacular Gower scenery.

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