Saturday, 19 August 2017

Parc Le Breos day 2

We changed the programme today after a review of the weather.

We had planned to hike today and build bivouacs tomorrow but it looks like tomorrow night is going to be wet so we we brought the bivvying forwards.

After having a full safety brief on knives, saws and axes along with some supervised practice, we had a short walk to Parkmill to check out the shops and visitor centre before heading back for lunch.

After lunch, the Scouts set off to find their bivvy sites and start building. It's taken all afternoon but they've come up with a pair of pretty impressive shelters.

Things happen much slower on a back to basics camp - 2 hours to prep dinner allowing for lighting the fire and keeping it up to temperature long enough to boil the water and cook the spuds - but in the end we had another great meal from the excellent menu designed by our Patrol Leaders.

The last hour and a half of light was put to good use adding the finishing touches to the bivvys before heading back to the fire for cocoa and biscuits.

After a few games around the fire, the Scouts have now got themselves settled in their shelters.

Hopefully they'll overcome the novelty and get enough sleep to prepare them for the hike tomorrow (unless we can find another reason to put it off!)

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