Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Parc Le Breos Day 5 (The last day 😓)

Well that's it for this camp.
It's a novelty for us to camp this close to home, meaning a short travel time and therefore a decadently late lie in. 9am we sat down for breakfast!

After spending an hour packing up, our nicely dry tents were suddenly soaked by a short, heavy, shower so we abandoned them.

A quick check on the weather showed clear sky's and bright sun following the shower so we decided to leave the tents up to dry for a bit. Since we've been passing it all weekend without going in, the obvious place to go while we waited was the Gower Heritage Centre a few hundred metres from the campsite. It's a great place, much bigger than it looks from the road with loads to see and do for kids of all ages (even the grown up ones).

After a tour around the centre it was back to camp to strike and fold the tents, load the trailer and head for home.

We've had a great time at the Gower Scout Campsite with a great bunch of Scouts. Back to basics, or Greenfield, camping is physically hard work but they've just got on an done it all, usually with a smile. In between the hard work and even alongside it, we've had great fun and some great experiences.

Everybody learnt something new and everybody, leaders included, got to try at least one thing they'd never done before.

Most importantly, every single participant said yes when asked if they would like to do more "working" camps.

Watch this space!

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