Monday, 21 August 2017

Parc Le Breos Day 4

Today was the big activity day. The rain was forecast to stop overnight but was well and truly still in when we got up, dampening spirits a little and slowing down the getting up process.
In the end, we got away on time for a drive up into the Brecon Beacons for a morning of Gorge Walking led by some excellent instructors from Hawk Adventures
The Scouts and Leaders had a great time, jumping into pools and climbing on waterfalls. All of yesterday's rain made the rivers really fun and the sun came out half way through making the gorges around Dinas Rock look really spectacular.
After a late, well earned, lunch, we made our way slowly back, stopping at the supermarket to stock up for the camp fire BBQ in the way.

Before we could BBQ though, it was all hands to wood collecting to build up a big enough supply for the evening.

With that done, the fire was  (eventually) lit and the BBQ commenced. There's really  something about burgers cooked over an open fire.

The big advantage of a BBQ of course is that there's little washing up so the Scouts were able to have an hour or two to run a wide game while the cooking fire was being upgraded to a full on camp fire.

The camp fire began with something special. It's not often we get to invest new Scouts on camp so it was really nice to invest 3 in one go tonight. I hope it's something they'll remember for a long time.

After the camp fire entertainment, out  came the marshmallows and a new campfire treat. Our 2 vegetarians can't eat marshmallows because of the gelatine so one of the leaders had done some research and discovered that marzipan makes a good alternative.

I think toasted marzipan smores  (a sandwich of chocolate digestives and half melted marzipan) may be my new favourite camp food!

Despite the relatively early hour, the Scouts are all in bed, quiet, with the lights out. There's obviously something good about a back to basics working camp!

Last day tomorrow. Although I'll be back camping at Gilwell in 10 days time.

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