Monday, 3 July 2017

Nord 2017 . Day 4 - The land of the midnight mud!

The end of day 4 of our trip. Day 3 on camp and it began with a strange awakening
The weather is beginning to make movement around camp a little interesting as the mud is ankle deep in places. Of course, there is a typically Norwegian solution. Hire a massive wood chipper and shred the unused pioneering poles to spread on the paths. The noise that the thing made when they fired it up at 8 am was like some kind of monster from Norse mythology.
With everyone up, the day has been spent planning for the expedition hike. Poring over strange maps (1:30000 is an odd scale. 3.33 cm per kilometre) to plan the routes, filling in the safety cards and packing bags.
With all that done,  the Patrol Leaders took the safety cards to the office and checked out.
The patrols then set off, one walking from camp, the other two having a short bus ride.
As they'll be out overnight, the leaders have their own free time. 24 hours of it in fact. A walk to the supermarket for camp supplies was followed by a slightly longer walk to Bodø harbour for an excellent meal at the highly recommended  En Kopp  restaurant.

The leaders have a lazy morning to look forward to as well with no Scouts on site (none of ours anyway - the programmes are staggered so there's plenty of activity on site. We'll probably explore the site a bit more - we've already seen some awesome pioneering projects, including a multistorey campsite.

Loads of ideas for our "home" camp next month!

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