Saturday, 23 July 2016

Come to Tolmers 2016

Well we've survived day one. The only real delay getting here was on the M4 - it took much longer than it should have done to extract Gethin and Martin from Burger King!
With the journey behind us, we met up with 1st Melbourne Scouts from Derbyshire and set to work making a pile of kit into a campsite. Some of these guys camped together here in 2014 so mixing the troops into combined patrols has seen old friendships restarted and new ones beginning to form.
With the tents up and dinner served, a great team effort on the washing up saw us all ready for camp briefing and flag down. Some of the Scouts enjoyed the evening's film, although Alvin and the Chipmunks may not have been everyone's first choice. Looking forward to a 7am wake up when the camp will start for real with the first of 6 days of activities.

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