Friday, 29 July 2016

Ctt2016 Day seven.

Can't believe we're here already. It's the end of camp :-(
The last day of camp saw our Scouts trying two different approaches. Some decided to go for a highlights day, having a second (or third in some cases) go at their favourite activities. Others rushed to have a go at something new. Sailing, canoeing, climbing, shooting, high ropes, journalism, balloon modelling and quad biking have all been on today's list. Some of the "instructed" activities (mainly those on water) saw Scouts getting signed off for new badges too.
Today also shone some light on the hike results. There were 88 teams competing and our teams achieved 10th, 32nd, 72nd, 77th and 83rd. The positions were worked out from their scores on the bases which were made up of points for actually achieving the goal and bonus points for teamwork. There were no points for finishing quickly so there was no racing involved.
These places were converted into points and added to those scored through the week based on tent inspections, teamwork, cooking and general points awarded or deducted by leaders based on behaviour.
The mixed teams, made up of members of two troops made the teamwork element even more important.
It's fair to say that the Scouts have come together as a unit from day one. Anyone coming on to the site would be unlikely to notice that we have two troops who have never met before this week.
There were only 3 points between the first two teams and the additional awards of "Best Scout" and "Best New Scout" (usually awarded to a Scout who either hasn't camped before or has only done short, weekend camps), were very difficult to choose.
The awards were made at the end of the traditional Friday night meal - fish and chips from a local takeaway, which gives the Scouts something to look forward to and saves an awful lot of washing up.
After the last Flag Down of the camp, which had a great build up with a mix of all the warmup songs and dances from the week's wake up sessions, the Scouts headed off to the disco organised by the service crew. I've no idea what happened there as Leaders were banned from attending. Leaders got their own entertainment with live music and a singalong in Joy's Joynt.
Everyone seems to have had a great night to top off a great week.
The Scouts are currently taking advantage of the warm, dry weather and are sleeping under the stars around their camp fire. Undoubtedly a first for most, if not all, of them.
There's no activities in the morning, other than the final flag break. It's going to be a morning of work, getting tents down and packed.
It's been a great week at one of our favourite campsites. We're very happy to have been here, sorry to leave and eager to return.
An international camp is on the cards for 2017 but there's a very high chance we'll be back here in 2018.

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