Thursday, 28 July 2016

Come to Tolmers day six

Well here we are on the eve of the last day of activities.
All rested from yesterday's hike, our Scouts were up remarkably early and done with breakfast and washing up quickly enough to get a good place in the activities queue.
Today was a water day with more than half of our Scouts spending some or all of the day on a craft of some kind.
There wasn't enough wind for sailing, so those that had planned to do that learnt to do Stand Up Paddleboarding (Supping) instead. After lunch, there was more water fun with 9 Scouts taking on the raft building challenge while others canoed on the lake. Attempt one at the raft building was not a huge success, sinking and depositing it's crew into the lake fairly quickly. Having learned from the mistakes, the MKII raft was much more robust and outlasted all the others on the water.
Other activities today included the Bungee Run, Giant slide and Shooting. There was a visit from Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue who, of course, got pegged. The #followthedragon tag is gradually taking over the world!
After dinner it was off to flagdown and a surprise for two of our Scouts who celebrate their birthday on Saturday. As they have to leave tomorrow to go on a family holiday, they found themselves on stage with 800 Scouts and Guides singing happy birthday. They also got to join in with the service crew leading the camp in the daily rendition of Round the Old Camp Fire.
Camp fire was the final activity of the day and, again, some of our Scouts got to go centre stage and help with the action.
Tomorrow brings a bitter-sweet touch - we're all looking forward very much to the activities and the evening disco but we're very aware that it's the last day and it'll soon be time to go back to the real world.

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