Sunday, 24 July 2016

CTT2016 Day Two

Well, it's the end of day two and we're still a site of happy campers. An early 7am wake up call didn't dampen spirits, nor did having to cook breakfast. There was some dismay among the Scouts when they realised that the washing up fairy hasn't been able to keep up with our travels. Dishes left on the table don't dissappear and magically reappear clean ready for the next meal!
Despite this, we managed to be near the front of the queue for flagbreak and activities sign up. With over 40 activities to choose from, there's no danger of being bored. Today, our Scouts have done canoeing, caving, climbing, abseiling, archery, pedal karting, journalism, slippery slope challenge, gyroscopes (don't ask, the video that will be on the group website after camp will make you sick enough), and backwoods cooking. Some of the leaders volunteered to help out with the sailing too, an interesting morning as I've not sailed a small dingy in over 20 years. I did manage not to get too wet though and, more importantly, didn't drown any Scouts.
If you’re reading this back home in South Wales,  you'll be glad to know that our weather is considerably nicer than yours. It's been another hot day with the overnight temperature expected to drop to just 14 degrees!
If you're reading this on site at Tolmers, come and say hello at site 17. Keep an eye out for us around the site and give us a shoutout using the hashtag #followthedragon, or tweet @1stCowbridge.

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