Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ctt2016 Day four

Well, here we are at the end of day four. Another successful day in the combined 1st Cowbridge / 1st Melbourne calendar. Our Scouts, some whom met for the first time at the weekend, are working really well as mixed patrols. Tasks and challenges are becoming more or less automatic as the Scouts get into a routine. Another batch of #followthedragon pegs was released at flagbreak and the message continues to spread. After flagbreak, our Scouts went off to another day of activities and adventures. The leaders took advantage of the local hospitality and were served with proper cream teas at Joy's Joynt.
Never willing to pass up an opportunity, we've accosted most of the visiting VIP's with #followthedragon pegs. We've managed to peg, and photograph most of Hertfordshire Scouts senior management along with the Mayor and Mayoress, Hertfordshire police and the rep from Hertfordshire Air Ambulance (Joy's charity for this year and beneficiary of all our tea drinking donations) - see our Twitter feed for pics @1stCowbridge or search #followthedragon. The football series continues with Wales currently leading two matches to nil.
Flagdown was particularly poignant this evening as we all paused to pay respects.
to a young British Scout who passed away on camp in Finland. Wherever you're reading this, we ask you to spare a thought for Kent Scouts as they deal with this tragedy.
We're all hoping for a good night's sleep and some equally good weather for  tomorrow's world famous Tolmers Incident Hike then two more days of great activities.

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