Wednesday, 27 July 2016

CTT2016 Day Five

Well, we're now over half way through and, most importantly, everyone is still smiling.
Today was incident hike day - the famous Tolmers Incident Hike. 13k (8 miles) in some amazing Hertfordshire countryside.  It was hard to believe at times just how quiet it can be when you're this close to so many big towns and cities. Out of 90 teams taking part, we had 6 teams out walking; 5 Scout teams competing and a team of leaders walking at the back as sweepers, supporting the excellent CTT service crew. Our 5 teams were mixed again with Scouts from the two troops working together to navigate the hike and complete 4 teamwork challenges. The winners have been announced but not the full results so we know we didn't win but we don't yet know how close we were.
Just to prove how posh Cowbridge is, our leaders even managed to procure a cream tea mid hike!  Not many pictures today as the Scouts were spread out walking at a very different time and pace to the publicity crew. One special mention has to go to Team 54 from 2nd/4th Leighton Buzzard Guides. Our leaders spent some time with them as they fell behind and were caught up by the sweeper team. Normally, the back markers are the ones that moan and whine, making the sweeper task something of a chore, but these girls were great. They had one member who could only walk so fast so just accepted that they were going to be last in and concentrated on enjoying themselves, smiling, laughing and singing their way around. A fantastic positive attitude that their leaders and parents can be properly proud of.
Back from the hike, we realised that there had been a bit of a comms problem with the food shopping so the leaders had to be a bit creative with the contents of the food box in a "ready steady cook" style.
The resulting improvised concoction proved so popular that we're trying to cone up with a name so we can add it to future menus.
Of course, after the local Air Ambulance rep was so supportive of our pegging campaign, it would have been rude not to support them so a crew of Leaders took part in the charity bingo night in the Leaders only club, Joy's Joynt.
Just two more days of activities left and discussions are already underway about where to camp next year. Keep reading for news on that as it develops.

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